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Granite Island Group Banner

Spectral Analysis of Various RF Bugging Devices

 -  -

Left: Clear RF Spectrum (No Bug)
Right: Same RF Spectrum (Bug turned on)

 -  -

Left: Clear RF Spectrum (No Bugs) - Broadcast FM Band
Right: Same RF Spectrum (Bug on and "Snuggled") - Broadcast FM Band

 -  -

Left: Detail Scan of Snuggled Bug - Broadcast FM Band
Right: Close-In view of Same Device (Notice Wide FM Modulation "Jitters")
(This reading was taken at a distance of six inches from the antenna)

 -  -

Left: Body Wire Covert Transmitter/Wireless Microphone
Right: Digital Burst Bumper Beeper
(Digital noise to the left of the spike, dead give-away of digital device)

 -  -

Left: 155 MHz Telephone Bug
Right: Microwave Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopper (1.713GHz)

 -  -

Left: Carrier Current Audio Bug (355kHz VLF) - Bugged Electrical Outlet
Right: Covert Video CCD Camera (VLF Emission) 15.750kHz - Hidden in light


Spectragram of Spread Spectrum Transmitter, dispersion "view" is 300 MHz, the bug is the "hump" on the left third (75 MHz) of the display.

 -  -

Left: Burst Audio Bug (turned OFF)
Right: Same Burst Audio Bug (turned ON)
Note: The "hump" on the right is caused by the digital circuitry in the device.


This is the 3.6 second data burst which occurs once every 6 hours. The audio is digitized, compressed, and held for burst transmission.

 -  -

Left: Ultra Low Power "Part 15" FM Bug
Right: Audio Bug Hidden next to TV Channel, very easy to miss


This is a Multi-Trace Spectrum Analysis of a Wideband Frequency Hopping bug.

The device covers 50 MHz of bandwidth, spectrum was swept (chirped) 500 times per second.


Your Turn, Do YOU see any Bugs on this spectrum display?

Advanced TSCM Signals Detection and Analysis
TSCM - Sweeping the Spectrum for Eavesdropping Devices

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