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Why do you need a Time Domain Reflectometer?

TDRs are used in all phases of a cabling system's life, from construction to maintenance to fault finding and restoration.

1205c field The TDR can be used to:


Operation and Usage Techniques

 * Principles of Operation

 * Usage Techniques

 * Waveform Analysis

Application Notes

 * General Applications

 * CATV - Cable Television Applications

 * Telephone Industry Applications

 * Broadcast Industry Applications

 * Cellular Applications

 * 2-Way Radio Applications

 * Power Industry Applications

 * LAN/WAN - Local/Wide Area Networks Applications

Data Sheets

 * Datasheet - 1270 Dual Twisted Pair and Coax TDR

 * Datasheet - 1205T Dual Twisted Pair TDR

 * Datasheet - 1205C Coax TDR

 * Datasheet - 2901 Basic Numeric TDR

Instruction Manuals

 * Operators Manual - 1205T (pending)

Riser-Bond Instruments is a manufacturer of electronic cable test equipment, specializing in Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR), Cable Fault Locators. The company is located in Lincoln, Nebraska USA. Founded in 1981, the company does business internationally and is recognized as an industry leader.

Riser-Bond Instruments was founded on, and is committed to the principle that the customer should receive the best value for the money. The product should be of the highest quality possible, easy to operate, and supply the user with a high level of measurement capability.

Riser-Bond Instruments' TDRs are "Accurate to a fault" and "Engineered for the test of time"

| TDR Principles of Operation | Usage Techniques | Waveform Analysis |
| General | CATV | Telephone | Broadcast | Cellular | 2-Way Radio | Power | LAN/WAN |
| Dual Twisted Pair and Coax TDR | Dual Twisted Pair TDR | Coax TDR | Basic Numeric TDR |

Advanced TSCM Signals Detection and Analysis
TSCM - Sweeping the Spectrum for Eavesdropping Devices

| Home | What is TSCM | Types of Bugs | Warning Signs You're Bugged |
| How To Behave if Bugged | TSCM Threat Levels | How To Engage a TSCM Firm |
| Qualifications | TSCM Protocol | Bug Frequencies | Phone Taps and Bugging |
| Signal Analysis | TDR Analysis | TDR Tutorial | Wiretapping | Training | Tools |
| Equipment | OSC-5000 | Kaiser | Riser Bond | Avcom | Search Rcvrs |
| Outside Links | Recommended TSCM Books | TSCM Reference Library |
| Recommended U.S. TSCM Firms | TSCM-L Mailing List |


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