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Riser Bond TDR Product Review - Model 1270

1205t 1205t

Model 1270
Time Domain Reflectometer Cable Fault Locator

A combination TDR to test both twisted pair and coaxial cable.

A true combination TDR; the result of customer input, innovative engineering, and the latest in electronic technology:

By way of front panel connectors, directly test coax cable and twisted pair cable without the need for adapters.

A front panel BNC connector provides the sensitivity and length readability to find small coaxial cable problems.

Dual Banana Jack connectors give maximum versatility and convenience with multiple testing modes for twisted pair cable.

The tradition of innovation continues...

Riser-Bond Instruments has taken waveform storage and documentation to a higher level. Together, SUPER-STORETM and WAVE-VIEWTM for Windows software make an already outstanding TDR even better.

SUPER-STORETM is the ultimate in waveform storage, comparison, and recall. Both on-screen and off-screen cable waveform infomation is stored. Recall the waveform and move the cursors, change the VOP, and increase or decrease the gain settings.

Use your computer and WAVE-VIEWTM for Windows software as an extension of your Riser-Bond TDR.

Waveform information can be archived, documented, manipulated, compared, or analyzed on your PC while your TDR goes back into the field, working for you!

WAVE-VIEWTM not only allows you to recall stored waveforms on your PC, but it also displays the TDR's function keys. You can actually increase the vertical gain, zoom in and out, manipulate the waveform, adjust the cursors, and change VOP, right on your computer!

Try that with any other TDR!


OSP Packaging
Rugged, weatherproof case for Outside Plant Applications.

High contrast liquid crystal display with electroluminescent backlighting provides easy-to-read waveform information at all angles and lighting conditions.

Line Connectors
Front panel BNC and Banana Jack input connectors for testing coaxial or twisted pair cable.

RS 232 Port
Transfer stored waveform information to a PC for manipulation, analysis, documentation, or to a printer.

Waveform Position / Gain
Allows the operator to move, expand, and contract the waveforms vertically and horizontally.

Cable Impedance
Selectable output impedance.

Pulse Width
Selectable pulse widths for testing various lengths of cable.

Adjustable velocity of propagation allows the operator to test all types of cable.

Noise Filter
Multiple filter levels and functions provide unique testing capabilities in noisy environments.

Set Up
Specify display preferences and create stored waveform tagging.

AUTO-SEARCH and Independent Cursors
Automatically locates major faults and places the cursors. Move cursors independently for measurements between any two points on the waveform.

Stores both on and off screen waveform information for more versatile waveform recall, analysis, manipulation, and archiving.

Display Mode Next/Last
Different display modes can be used in different situations. The IFD mode is used to find intermittent faults. Use the Crosstalk mode to find split pairs. Compare live Line 1 to live Line 2, or see the difference between live and stored waveforms.


View waveforms in the field or back at the office

Riser-Bond Instruments has taken waveform storage to a higher level. Model 1270's exclusive SUPER-STORETM is the ultimate in waveform storage, viewing, and comparison.

Competitive TDRs store only a screen snapshot of the cable under test. Model 1205T stores all on-screen and off-screen cable data, for viewing at all gain settings.

Recall the waveform on Model 1270 or upload to a PC for post-storage analysis, comparison, manipulation, and archiving. Or, download the waveform directly to an external printer.

WAVE-VIEWTM for Windows® is included free of charge, creating a virtual TDR on your PC. Try that with any other TDR!

1205t 1205t

Model 1270 Product Specifications

Physical Dimensions:
10.5 inches (267 mm)
 Width: 9.75 inches (247.6 mm)
 Depth: 5 inches (127 mm)
 Weight: 8 pounds (3.6 kg)

Power:  Lead Acid or NiCad battery pack
 12VAC, 1A (minimum) charger.

 Operating temperature:
  +32 deg F (0 C) to +122 deg F (+50 C)
 Typical temperature:
  5 deg F (-15 C) to +140 deg F (+60 C)
 Storage temperature:
  -4 deg F (-20 C) to +140 deg F (+60 C)
 Humidity: 95% maximum relative humidity,

 128 x 256 dot matrix liquid crystal display
 (LCD) with electroluminescent backlighting.

Horizontal Resolution:
 <610 m: < .07 m at .99 VOP,
 <.02 m at .30 VOP
 >610 m: .10 m at any VOP

Vertical Resolution:
 17 bits with 93 dots displayed.

Output Pulse:
 Adjustable pulse widths of 2, 10, 100, 1000,
 2000, 4000, and 6000 nsec.

Maximum Range:
 73,700 feet (19,400 m) at .99 VOP
 38,600 feet (11,700 m) at .60 VOP
 Maximum testable cable length will vary with
 pulse width and cable type.

Vertical Sensitivity: Greater than 65 dB.

Output Connector:
 Four banana jacks and BNC.

Distance Accuracy:  +/- 0.15 m plus +/- .01% of reading.
 Accuracy will vary with VOP and cable type.

Input Protection:
 400 volts (AC + DC) from DC to 400 Hz and
 decreases to 10 volts at 1 MHz

Output Impedance:
 Banana Jack - 125 and 100 ohm, +/- 5%.
 BNC: 50 and 75 Ohm, +/- 5%.

Auto dBRL: 2 digit auto dBRL calculation at cursor set.

Auto Crosstalk:
 2 digit crosstalk calculation at cursor set.

Velocity of Propagation:
 Keypad selection from .300 to .999 in .001
 or .01 increments.

Waveform Storage:

 Standard:   4 at 12,000 samples/waveform
              8 at 6,000 samples/waveform
             16 at 3,000 samples/waveform

 Optional:  16 at 12,000 samples/waveform
            32 at 6,000 samples/waveform
             64 at 3,000 samples/waveform

Automatic/Manual Noise Filter:
Two averaging filters.
 Optional: Multi-function/level filter routines.

Serial I/O Port: RS-232.

Battery pack and charger, Operator's
  manual, Shoulder strap, Connectors, WAVE-
  VIEW software disks, Clip-on accessory bag.
 Optional: Additional waveform storage package,
  Additional noise filtering package, Custom
  softside carrying case, Strand hooks kit,
  Extended warranty.


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