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TDR Tutorial and Riser Bond TDR Product Review

Model 2901C....the Classic TDR!

Model 2901C Numeric Digital Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer
Cable Fault Locator

Medium Range Hand-held TDR

Model 2901C is an inexpensive alternative to the traditional "waveform" TDR. Model 2901C digital TDR will identify cable damage causing a major impedance change. Any metallic paired cable can be tested quickly and easily without sacrificing accuracy.

Test all types of aerial and underground transmission cable including coaxial, twisted pair, communications and power cables. Cable in conduits and behind finished walls can all be tested.

Measure cables on the reel or already installed. The oscilloscope output feature allows the "signature" of the cable to be viewed.

Low cost, compact size, and simple operation combine to make the Model 2901C a must for every repair/maintenance technician or crew.

Model 2901C Product Specifications

Physical Dimensions:
3.25 inches (82.6 mm)
 Width: 6 inches (152 mm)
 Depth: 6.25 inches (158 mm)
 Weight: 3 pounds (1.35 kg)

Power:  Four cell 4.4 Ahr Nicad battery pack, with
 12 VAC, 500 mA (minimum) charger.

 Operating temperature:
  -10 C (+14 deg F) to +55 C (+131 deg F)
 Storage temperature:
  -30 C (-22 deg F) to +70 C (+158 deg F)

 4 1/2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with
 indicators for powered cable, open/short, low
 battery and feet/meters.

Velocity of Propagation:
 Thumbwheel switches adjustable from .01 to
 .99 in increments of .01.

Input Protection:  Up to 250 V.

 Short Range: 1,100 feet (199.9 meters)
 Long Range: 11,000 feet (1999 meters)
Maximum testable cable length will vary with each type of cable.

Dynamic Range:
 20 dBRL in the least sensitive mode to 40 dBRL
 in the most sensitive mode.

Output Connector: Front panel BNC.

Accuracy: +/- 1% of reading.

 Short Range: 1 foot (0.1 meter)
 Long Range: 10 feet (1 meter)

Output Signal Repetition Rate: Less than 0.5 msec.

 NiCad batteries, Battery charger, Adapter(s),
 Soft carrying case with shoulder strap, Plastic
 carrying case, Instructional manual.

Technological advances allow changes in specifications and/or components. Changes may be made without notification.

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